Anniversary shark hat

When looking into my inventory i have different of the same shark hats in my inventory for certain careers.

I have:

  • 1 shark hat all of the sienna careers
  • 2 Shark hats for the victor careers (1 i can equip on whc and bh and then another one only for zealot)
  • 3 for elf
  • 2 for bardin
  • 1 for kruber

Why is this so different? as far as i’m aware the hats aren’t different, so why do some careers have 3 of the same hat in their inventory?

Especially in regards to the recent inventory space threads, i assume this takes inventory space aswell. Unless i’m missing something, this hat should only take 1 spot and be the same version for every career.


They are different if you look closely.

Been thinking about that too. Dont have a clear answer but I think its because of modeling issues.

Dont know for all characters, but each of Elgi’s hat, they are all the same but still take up 3 slots in our inventory.



Just take a look at the hero’s faces when equipping the shark hat. There are slight differences regarding each career.

Espcially for IB considering the shark hat is the ONLY hat that shows his face.

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I’m safe to assume this is the reason due to hedge liking both of the comments?

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