Anger Quelled

So I’ve been playing with less randos recently and with the infrequency of recent crashes, the game feels far, far better. Loads are still a drag when returning to the hub but the experience has improved markedly for me recently. The biggest issue I’m facing right now is the lack of builds and weapon variety. The crafting system is so stingy that I think I’ve consecrated 11 times total across 4 level 30 characters. That’s so messed up.

Granted, while playing with randos I feel like I averaged a 40% win rate on Heresy which felt like the comfortable difficulty and 80% on Malice which was very boring. What skyrocketed my win rates on Heresy was when I could have 2 other buddies and we could control who joined our games by kicking anyone who was below level 15 and any non-30 psykers. Yes, it’s toxic but this game is super stingy and missions are fairly long and repetitive without getting that serotonin hit of a win.

So I’m being brutally honest here to say that perhaps you may want to make losing feel a little better and/or give a flat bonus to playing Quick Play. Randoms are usually very bad at the game and play at wildly low levels. I think anyone who has to grin and bear that should be rewarded for it. Plus the fact that you get no progress for weeklies if you lose it really feels like you need to curate who you allow. The fact that some level 9 psyker can pick up the grim and immediately die, baring you from that grim and completion of X games without player deaths induces some serious hate towards playing with randos. I think it is terrible design, you should be doing everything you can to improve the experience for pub matches, not distilling a l33t culture. Allowing private matches will help some people but it doesn’t solve this very inherently flawed system.

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I think everyone hates the gear progression and the way weeklies are set up. I also bet most people take issue with class balance - especially Psyker.

Where my understanding ends though, is with you being pissed at people dying while playing the game and you subsequently not completing your weekly. That is not the player’s but the system’s fault. Nobody starts out in these types of games as a god and everybody learns new difficulties while playing said difficulties.

If you fail a run you fail and that’s that. The fact that crafting mats are subject to searching the levels is in and of itself a design flaw, as they disrupt the flow throughout the map. The only “reward” for a failed run should be stats of how you and your mates played being displayed at the end of the mission. So that you can pinpoint where you have come up short and nothing more.

I’m not here to understand each player, I’m here to complete what I got to do. People are inherently selfish is what I was trying to say, so it’s up to the devs to make playing with the team lucrative. Hounds and brutes ain’t enough, moreover those specials seem to spawn together in packs to ruin the team anyway. Usually it seems more opportune to have an isolated person to solo carry everyone back into the game. I am very familiar with this because I am usually the only one searching for books. Solo carry is also very difficult unless you have ample explosives (rumbler is god tier for this). Instant losing because everyone is disabled is probably the most feels bad way to end a mission possible. I frequently get bombed out of a spawn point and drop 2 or 3 stories down and die greatly isolated. The game is super cheap. I just want that if that happens with randos, you don’t feel dejected and like you wasted 20 minutes. This is only a problem when each player doesn’t care about each other because if you’re premade, usually there’s a strong group backbone that doesn’t exist in quickplay.

Heresy seems to have some of the worst coop play in the game. I assume it’s because it’s full of people who think they’re good, but don’t realize they’re mostly getting carried. It’s the only difficulty I’ve had people complaining I don’t know what I’m doing while I’m constantly rescuing them. My Damnation win rates are a lot higher because most people who queue there are ready to play as a team.

That’s an interesting perspective, it’d be nice to have some data from Fatshark to come up with a pattern and a solution. I feel like you’re right about that. Heresy has scared me from doing a lot of Damnation but I think the three or four times I have played it, we have won. I don’t get a lot of chances to play it because either me or my friends are leveling up a character in the early teens. I’ve played it at least once by myself with a chatty group that made me feel welcome even if they were being a little cheesy incharacter. I know I’m capable of doing the highest difficulty but mostly I just want my quests done so it’s easier to run quick and easy missions. I fully understand why high level players are running Sedition missions.

Big f’ing yikes. Saying you know it’s toxic doesn’t make that okay to do. If you can’t manage to carry with 3 of you on malice/heresy that’s no longer on them. (Assuming you even need to carry, which you’re just defaulting to assuming you have to)