An Update is coming to consoles next week

But when they delaying it all the time… There thousands of players on consoles that play yo game too and waiting

I have a feeling that it’s not really FatShark delaying the updates. I think they are constantly trying to push the update through but are struggling to do so on consoles; updating those platforms is hard. Moreover, those platforms almost never get ‘updates’ to their regular kit unless it’s a bug patch; pushing out 4-6 events to platforms every year sounds like it’ll always run a bit of a delay.

Then again, I’ve never pushed a UI update/bug patch to a console as a gaming company before, so I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: I just have a feeling that it’s not from neglect… I think they are constantly working on it, they just aren’t making as much headway because console updates are difficult to push.


you are correct, it’s a lot more difficult on consoles! Microsoft and Sony both enforce a lot of QA and procedural/paperworky stuff that makes the process take a lot longer. And when you consider how buggy our PC patches are on first launch… I would imagine they have to go through a few iterations of fixing and re-submitting them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still nothing, I think they mentioned that some update is coming this week , Damn how long has it been since consoles got something ?!

Oh boy, these two together… xD

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It really is quite the spectacle and is only amplified by Dryen having recently mentioned that he is on a PS4.

Needless to say, I think we are a little off-topic. Before this goes too far, I’m gonna transform and roll-out :wink:

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They said this week , still nothing, man

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