DLC and Update info for Console

When will Xbox (consoles) get the new DLC? I don’t understand why it is so hard for Fat Shark to give us release dates for new content and patches. At best we get a month for the release and worse it just appears one day and then get patch notes. This is incredibly annoying when a gamer needs to put time and money to the side so that we can be free to enjoy the new content.

It is about microsoft. They have to check the DLC and that takes time.
Fatshark can’t do much as they have no control over that process.

edit: Same goes for Sony

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That is not the reason for the lack of communication regarding release dates, that’s a reason for why pc and console are not released on the same date, which is not an issue I’ve made in my post.

All games go through the same process of certification on consoles and still manage to inform gamers of the release dates of patches and DLC. The rumors are that the DLC will release with the Sony launch so that’s all we have to go by since no one with Fatshark will clarify things for their community. Going into 2019, communicating with your customers should really not be an issue anymore. This is even more true with indie developers since fostering a healthy community is what keeps things afloat.

Just two weeks ago I got tired of grinding for ‘reds’ that never appear for me (primarily playing only on legend), so I started playing Tera. Then I saw on JSat YouTube channel, not here or any other official source, about the new maps, weapons etc and got excited to delve into the game more and I’m just twiddling my thumbs wondering when we might actually get this new content.

B.S. this isn’t the only game on xbox. none of my other games have the issue he is talking about. Deep rock communicates all the time warframe too. Gfto it’s the dev.

Exactly, and they gave the update yesterday and blocked us from buying the dlc until some arbitrary time today (12/18). What’s the point in that? It’s clearly approved on console since the update was there, so why not communicate to us that we can access the content on 12/18.

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