Among the MANY things Darktide needs to improve upon, ATM, I'd REALLY want improved matchmaking/lobby browser right now

Yes, I do understand that there are many many many things that FS seriously needs improve upon…well, get their game together GENERALLY, seriously.

I just gotta wonder if anyone’s having a hard time actually finding matches?

I know for a fact that there are (occasionally) ON-GOING MATCHES, but sometimes even when I queue for Quickplay, I don’t get put in on-going games at all, and then proceed to open up a lobby myself, waiting for players to join.

Sometimes, you cancel queue a few times and by the 3rd ot 4th or etc… time, you get put into a game that’s MID-WAY. Why is that!? It’s just silly. TO CLARIFY, I WANT to be put in mid-way games with people, I can’t do Damnation with 3 dumb bots, I don’t even mind being put in games that are in other regions, I just want to have games with PEOPLE, which I’ve been having an incredibly hard time with. VT2 had lobby browser and ping-limite ignore, so it was not an issue at all.

Now I dunno if it’s my internet or whatever, it was never a problem in Vermintide 2, I really dunno why it’s a problem with THIS GAME. I love the game, I’ve played like 650+ hours of Darktide already and still playing more…it’s a surprise even to me, with having quite a hard time finding lobbies to play in…

We seriously need LOBBY BROWSER, I think Fatshark knows it and we all know it.

Is it a REGION thing? I’m playing from SEA, does the game allow you to queue into matches with players from OTHER REGIONS? If not, I’d REALLY like Fatshark to abolish this restriction please. At least it’s better than not being to find any match.

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Would you prefer to get stuck with a bot if someone leaves mid-game?
I would rather get someone from Quickplay queue.

If you don’t want to be put in ongoing games, just don’t play Quickplay.

Btw, you can be sent to an ongoing mission as well if you select it manually. Not that it bothers me.


no, I WANT to be put in a game mid-way, you misunderstood what I said.

I meant, that there are mid-way games, but FOR SOME REASON, when you queue Quickplay, it doesn’t put you IMMEDIATELY in those games for some damn reason, sometimes it just completely ignore those mid-way games with like 2-3 empty slots (based on the ones that I joined), but put you in a fresh new lobby, waiting for players instead.

I’m having an incredibly hard time finding games already, I do NOT mind being put in mid-way games, I can’t do Damnation alone with 3 pepega bots, hell, I don’t even mind being put in games that are in a different region but apparently this game doesn’t do that…well, afaik

It was possible in VT2 bc it had the option to ignore ping-limit and has a lobby browser. We NEED that in Darktide, obviously.