Lobby browser for Darktide please

Hello, or perhaps g’day from Australia!

Figure 1: Australia

I know I’m part of a population-challenged region, but with the ebb & flow of player count I doubt I’m the only person experiencing this issue.

It’s becoming an increasingly long process match with a squad via quickplay at basically any time of day / day of week. Damnation Maelstrom / Aurics are often seemingly devoid of fresh matches, and spending time sitting and socialising in-game on the walk up to mission start while we wait for a full team is a common practice.

Figure 2: Typical Australian socialising activity

A lobby browser would make finding and preparing for games a lot more user-friendly, and excise a significant unknown from the equation – namely “how long is it going to take me to find a match this time?”.

Since lobby browsers are quite commonplace I won’t harp on too much about the particulars. Just know that the usual mitigating factor – sufficient player count – is slowly becoming not-quite-enough for certain regions to be guaranteed matches within a reasonable timeframe using quickplay.

I’ve mentioned how nice it would be to have a lobby browser feature in comments before, but it would be wonderful to have official recognition. Hopefully this is the appropriate forum (yes fellow forum-dwellers, I KNOW).

Figure 3: Official recognition in an appropriate forum


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OK… what kind of Australian are you?

Edit: I’m a North Queenslander.


Very well made post with colorful pictures and stuff :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

The lobby browser will indeed be a good addition to Darktide, even tho like 10 people will be using it, and 5 of them will try to find suitable matches, and other 5, to join in the end of the match. Even tho, good stuff :+1:


Not to get too off-topic, but this kind:



The correct answer.


there’s no lobby browser because there’s no lobbies. you have a matchmaker system that populates a game as it makes it. this is better on paper because it makes more people get into the same matches faster.

in reality it kinda falls apart if you don’t have a bunch of people going for quickplay, which nobody does for the high-level missions, but this is what people asked for when they were making darktide and DRG was doing a very good job with it.

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DRG has a lobby browser, at least it does now. Or is it some layer on top of the matchmaker system?

Either way you can peruse missions in progress and view various details about them (player count, map, mission details).


yep this is true, DRG has quickplay and lobby browser :open_mouth:


DRG has a lobby. once you tart a mission you become the host and hold the lobby. darktide just has a matchmaker which sets up a run once it finishes populating for a server, and there’s no open lobby, just open slots in the matchmaker’s actives runs.

i can understand why you’d do that (keeps lag from sending people into runs that just filled or ended, avoiding potential run-ending crashes) but it very much doesn’t allow for a lobby system in the backend.

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You can still have a browser showing current games. Killing Floor 2 doesn’t have lobbies but has a browser.

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Actually… I might finally get to update the Mourningstar Memorial again with this thread!

The Mourningstar Hangar is now (finally) in production…

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Good Ideas are part of the Endangered list


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Steve was always pure happiness, an all-time legend!

I remember he would always stop animals from fighting each other, I believed he could talk to them all growing up.


too good to pass upon the chance :

Aussies Would Have A Fit Over The Simpsons' Australia Episode Today

i see myself out…

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