Ammo Counter HUD

FS please add a Ammo Counter like the Mod we have in V2. So Players can see how much Ammo everyone in the Team has. It helps People not(less) waste Ammo drops for ones that dont actually need it. Especially in PUG Games. You cant expect all to have or use Headset.

I for ones were kicked because i let my Mic on while playing. Cause i dont have time to press PTT while in a hairy Situation. Some Players dont like it. But this is really really not the Standard. V2 Community is one of the most enjoyable if ever played ion a Game, and ive played lots of Games.

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This little Ui change would help a lot and save time.
You dont have to ask all Player how much Ammo they have. You can just write, to specific Person to pick it up, or the one that is best suited.
The Ui Wheel where you can choose between Players to pick it up while standing in front of it would be even better!


+1 100% agree with @Roibr tho i would like a “total ammo count + currently in weapon” so i also can see if my special killer is maybe too occupied at the moment so i know if i need to jump into action even if thats perhaps not my primary role


I am sure it will be in the game they are leaning way more into FPS side of the game

Yeah Total Ammo of Teammates right next to their Icon like in V2 Mod, plus your Ammo Count (Mag/ Total)
in the right bottom Corner

more important is the Ammo Pool, not really whats in your Mag. Always reload when you have the Opportunity. In V2 it works aswell. You only see the Pool and what is left of it.
Lasrifle has ca. 150 Shots per Mag. Normal Version that is.
Lore says this and that. Some likek the Powersetting higher, so you have less shots and vice versa.
Also in Lore its says, that they tend to do less than 150 SHots, becasue you can get problems or whatever or the Energy Output is so weak on the last couple shots, that its not worth it. You can Load your Mag in the Sun, like with old Gameboys we did that XD
or throw the Mags into Fire.
So regenerating Ammo mighzt be a thing. Would be neat for Lasgun.
Cant wait to get my Hands on a HEllrifle/ Hot shot Lasgun!

But well, Lore in WH is contradictory sometimes soo, yeah

BTW played AFT and they have a Heavy Lasweapon. i really Dig it, cause its sounds like you actually superheat the Air when firing. Little bit like an Explosion. YOu can really hear the Potency. Cant remember the Lasrifle in the Gamepla in Darktide. But something alone these lines would be neat!

But first its Ogryn/ Mechanicus time. TThe Latter i hope, but they said in an Interview that there are some Mechanicum Weapon so…

  • Ammocounter for Mag and Ammo Pool
  • Ammocounter Teammates Ammo Pool
  • Different Colors for Lasrifle (yellowish/ Orange & Red)
    also helps with distinguishing Foes and Friend. Yes the Foes have like different Beam compared,
    but its still Red aswell.
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i rather have an ammo + magazine counter for allies aswell

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I dont need an ammo counter for allies that uses an actual number, but a small sign that changes colour from green to red is sufficient for me. The only information i need is if my teammates have enough ammo to deal with specials and if its red then i know they dont. A number would be preferable if ammo replenishment would be limited, but i assume we will still get unlimited ammo chests in the levels.

Far more important for me would be a wounded sign.

wounded sign?

You have Hp in Ui. Plus you can see the Status when you are close on the Character. You have like a Xray that shows vitality

Yes its needed. No need to write to ever Teammate.
No Players who use Ammo pickup for 5 bullets when others have none

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Why would you ever write a teammate?

What ammo pick ups are you talking about? Do you know that they are limited and the team has to carefully choose which one will get it? But even then a number wont matter and a simple sign suffices. If its red, then you know your mate doesnt have ammo anymore.

Also, wounded sign for someone who got downed. HP doesnt matter there unless the HP shows that the player is wounded. Have you played Vermintide before?

Yes thats the whole point of it. Ammo counter like the Mod in V2. Plus you have a Wheel to specifically target a Character, again V2. Read before you write

LIke i said, like you said because you say what i did. Ammo is probably is not laying around in throves, so you need the Information of how much Ammo is available for anyone player XD

Read the Post before you want to correct me ^^

Why would you not write a Teammate. Theres a thing called Gamechat. Not everyone has a Headset or is listening right away. This why theres a thing called “Gamechat”

Ammo wont be that scarce probably, because this Game Focuses heavily on Ranged compared

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