Am I the only one conflicted when I start the game ? (A QP and Quest debate)

Everytime I start playing VT2, I always feel the same “Meh” in me, and that’s because of Quests design.

Spoiler alert, this is all from a casual (in terms of playtime per week) player point of view.

Right now, outside of loot, I think casuals player want two things when they play : Do their daily/weekly of they own it, and Progress in their Heroes/Map challenges. The problem right now, is that most of the time, you end up with a “Do X Quickplay” Quest, while a lot of challenges requires you to play specific maps.
I understand why Quests are actually Quickplay, so that game parties are full and people can play faster, but still I think it would be beneficial if the quest was changed to “Finish X map”. This isn’t really VT1 with really short map (Aaah my sweet Black Powder) so this wouldn’t be abusable, the only problem is how matchmaking and all would take it.

In case of, I have though about an idea to kinda fix it, by increasing number of maps needed for the quest, but making QP counts double toward the goal. Downside is, the whole change is about helping the casuals player finish their stuff, and making quest longer isn’t really helpful :confused:

I do hardly any Quickplay (as I don’t feel comfortable playing with complete strangers), so the Quickplay quests are something I dislike quite a lot. It’s the one daily quest that I immediately reroll, and one that I assume won’t get done as a weekly. I’m guessing for others the “play as [character]” dailies are the ones to reroll, but the rest don’t need any particular care, as they’ll get done during normal play. In fact, on Legend level, even the more demanding version(s) of “kill Elites” weeklies get done in a single run, and with Twitch mode, that can happen with Monsters too.

So for me there’s no real conflict on what to play, but for all the wrong reasons: There isn’t a compelling reason to try to aim for the quests, especially as the daily rewards are what they are, and the weeklies will end up completely done anyway at one point or another. Not that the rewards for the Challenges were any better, mostly… But they at least end up giving some direction for play.

I’m not sure what would be a (sensible and relatively easy) solution though. Your suggestion could work, but it would need very careful balancing - the amount couldn’t really be much higher than it is, as it needs to be sensible for even the more casual players to complete (and that was a strong complaint when the Okri’s stuff appeared, and actually changed within a week or two, iirc). Then again, if QPs did count double but the amounts were completely unchanged, those quests would likely end up as irrelevant as the others. What would certainly change thing would be if the quests, or at least some of them, were something that guides our playing a bit more. In VT1, they certainly were more interesting, but some were a bit too harsh for many players (proceed with minimal damage, no one gets downed/killed), and the restriction to a certain map was likely to cause a rush to those maps and little players for others. Others, though (get x bomb kills, open chests) could cause some things that people don’t normally do. I’d like to see something similar, something that either teaches people skills that aren’t necessarily always used (like bomb use) or prompts them to do other slightly unusual things. Kill enemies using bombs, kill enemies while under potion effects, maybe even environmental kills (barrels and drops) if that’s trackable.

Of course, the problem gets somewhat changed with the event quests we’ve seen. With those, the rewards are something that’s actually interesting (unique cosmetics, for now), but the quests have still been uninspired - mostly just QP. And again, for people like me doing QP is annoying, so those are the few quests (or other things, for that matter) in the game that feel like a grind to me. I’m glad that we got the bonfires to light in the latest one, but the other quest was still plain QP.


I heartily agree - I really dislike QP matches. I sometimes do QPs because I feel like it, but I just don’t do them for a quest. I re-roll those dailies and honestly ignore those weeklies. Even this week I’m at the point where skipping a 10-QP weekly will mean an extra week to get all my Bog cosmetics - and I don’t mind doing it.

I think the biggest problem with Quests, though . . . is just that they don’t mean anything. Killing Elites might as well just be free, a single run will do it easy. The others are generally just 2 matches for a specific character or to get the 4/3 tomes/grims.

VT1 had weeklies that were a lot more fun, because they could at least slightly change up your playstyle! I enjoyed the bomb ones and chest opening ones the most - the former because it’s fun to see those numbers go up when you throw a good bomb, and the latter because it typically meant going more out of your way and having map knowledge, rather than just bee-lining down the most efficient path.

We really need more interesting ones . . . Maybe get 150 headshot kills, that could be done in a single game, but it would at least require more specific work by a player. Maybe “Complete (or recomplete) 2 Okri’s level challenges”, any of them . . .


Like that last suggestion @BizarreSalp plus the game actually keep registering when you succeed at a challenge (In Bestiary mod you can see how many times you have done the challenges of this creature).
And yeah overall, quests with bombs and chest and stuff like that would be better than QP ^^

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I swear, I’m one of the wierd ones. I’m in the apparent minority who likes QP. I like the unpredictability that you get from playing with randoms.

The mission (edit, I mean Quest here) objectives are pretty ‘meh’ though. I agree that we need some objectives that don’t just happen in the course of playing the game. I also think we need something other than lootboxes as a reward. I know I’m in the minority who’s played so much that lootboxes don’t mean anything anymore (I’ll post a pic of my stash one of these days), but it would still be nice to have something to work towards.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I do like QP… When I’m not doing Okri’s challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
Random and fast matchmaking to fill up squad is better than picking your map and probably have to host it, but it’s painful when you want to get the good map for your challenges ><

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