Am I supposed to encounter a boss int he first minutes on Engines of War?

A troll 4 chaos warriors and an assassin, feels a little too much right at the start.

There are so called boss triggers in every area, usually right after you jump down a point-of-no-return. If you reach such a point, try pulling every visible ambient and clear them out. If a horde time is also coming up, just wait for it before advancing to the boss trigger.

Yeah, I’m aware of these things thanks (1500h in VT1), what I am saying is that in this specific scenario it feels out of place to get a boss trigger this early. Usually it is right after these part where you jump down, which makes it much more fair since there you have space and possible pot/bomb drops.

First boss trigger in maps like War Camp (first drop) leave you in the same spot. Some maps have skaven only areas for first boss trigger but it’s the same principle. The fact that the first horde usually spawns at the point where you reach first boss trigger often result in a fight consisting not only of a boss but of a horde and all elites pulled by the horde and by players kiting the boss. Certain maps, like War Camp and Engines of War have a lot of elite presence early on in the map, which is the real cause of the issue.

Oh, and specials usually spawn close to first horde spawn too, so time to start getting your money’s worth Kruber!

I can’t help but think of this golden moment.


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