Alternative Idea for Classes

A class is a basically the collection of a Tactical Action (grenade), 2 Passive powers, 1 Class Ability (Ult), a Coherency Bonus, and some unlocks every 5 levels.

What if instead of entirely new classes that are entirely separate and unique onto them self, we just unlocked additional Tactical Actions, Passives, Class Abilities, etc to choose for archetypes.

Pretend for a second that the next Veteran class is a Catachan Jungle Fighter, and pretend their Tactical Action lets them place some sort of trap/mine and their Class Abilities is some sort of cool charge-yell-shout thing and their Coherency Bonus is something else cool, it doesn’t matter.

The idea is instead of having to choose strictly from Veteran: Sharpshooter, OR from Veteran: Catachan Jungle Fighter, let us mix and match all the things. So we would have 2 Class Abilities to choose from, 4 passives to choose 2 from, etc. Let us really customize our characters.

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Thats a really great idea i would honestly love to see that a lot more than just multiple specific purpose classes.

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