Alternate Control Options

I’ll open by saying, I have a pretty unique problem.

I jump with mousewheel down. I’ve done this for years, for hundreds of hours, across dozens of games. It started because it was necessary in DOOM 2016 speedruns, and I just kind of stuck with it. This hasn’t been a problem for me until now.

I cannot vault with this keybind. Now, I’m not asking that the mechanics around how vaulting work be changed, but it would be nice to either:

A: Have a dedicated “vault” keybind, or
B: Allow secondary keybinds to actions, which I don’t think is a huge ask, and is very common across many games in many genres. This way I can have “jump” bound to both Mousewheel Down, as well as another actual key, and then just press that key when I need to vault.

Thank you.

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