Allow us weapon configuration

Allow us to use different types of teeth on our chain swords

Let us choose between a flash light for our shotgun or the flechette round or a slug

Let us choose what kind of sights we want on our guns

Please (=


Otherwise weapons like the shotgun etc are worthless in “power outage” situations

“bring a torch”… more like bring a different gun


This would be awesome. Especially because “different pattern weapons” exist. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to re-equip our gear to be a different weapon pattern.


Ogryn no get torch :pensive:

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Yeah, that’s some BS - after this last power outage event it really illuminated the disparities ]=


I have mentioned this in numerous threads so far - the game would massively benefit from a lightweight weapon customisation system. Even just a single slot on a weapon that would let you fit one of a choice of attachments, like an optic, a flashlight, or an extended magazine.

People put a fair bit of work into getting specific weapons with stats and traits and perks they like, but weapons of the same type all look and feel the same. Being able to not just skin it, but actually functionally alter it in a more obvious, visceral way would be very nice.

And I really don’t know how they plan to make the (awesomely atmospheric) dark and fog missions feasible if they don’t do this. Does everyone have to bring a kantrael or other flashlight gun? There aren’t many that have lights. That’s gonna get very old.


I think being able to swap a ranged weapon’s special button would not be too difficult to add.

Ex. Swap rippergun’s blade with a flashlight.

Maybe allow psyker to replace a staff’s melee with a psychic sight to see in the dark.

It could allow pistol weapons to add a dagger so they could be the closer ranged gun.

+1 for attachments, I’ll blast it everywhere I can, had sort of expected it to be honest and it feels a little weird that it hasn’t been addressed.

They must do something as it stands. As someone above mentioned, there is no torch for the Ogryn (well I havent seen one)

Put some flood lights on that shield!

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