Allow us to opt out of grimoire debuffs (and benefits) per-user basis

Some people would like to play the game with random players and not have to suffer consequences of someone else taking a grimoire even though they don’t need a loot boost.
The only ways to avoid those situations right now are either playing with bots (which is less than optimal on Legend and Cataclysm difficulties) or playing pre-made matches with likeminded people, which is less than ideal, since it requires time (and usage of 3rd party software) to form up a party. These are NOT solutions to the problem. These are just compromises, circumventing the issue, that throw away the idea of joining a random lobby in the first place.
Also - you cannot host your own game, ask someone not to pick up grimoires and expect them not to. If they do it and refuse to drop it, then if you votekick them all it takes is one person voting “No” and you are rendered powerless, forced either to continue playing the way you don’t want to or to leave the mission, potentially ruining it for everyone.
Or you could just shoot them, but that requires ammo, HP (they will shoot back) and creates a toxic atmosphere.
These aren’t solutions either.

This is:
Every player should be able to opt-out of the grimoire system, so they do not get grimoire debuffs but also do not benefit from the loot boost at the end of the mission.

  • This would be the perfect solution for people who do not need the loot anymore (or just want to progress through the game without book debuffs) and wouldn’t split the playerbase (as everyone could make their own choice).
  • It wouldn’t impact the other players in the slightest.
  • The player still could pick up the grimoire (and still not benefit from it) if they wish to.
  • It wouldn’t touch the game balance in any significant way.

This should not be too difficult to implement but would still greatly benefit people who want to play their own way while not impacting a single person negatively.

These two points are untrue, sorry to say. In a team game where you depend on the rest of the players, their diminished health pool and subsequent choice of playstyle will impact your experience.

Grimoires and tomes are a part of the game’s core rules as much as the stagger mechanics or disabler specials. Not sure we should pick and choose which of those to ‘opt out of’.


Do I see a 3rd thread?

Give it a rest.

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Two threads, three if counting the one where this was the actual answer to the problem presented, just how badly do you wana play legend without books…?

Isnt it really just easier to play cata? People typically wont grab books for anything except Grail Knight blessings and then they drop em.


OP, you’ve made multiple threads on your thoughts on grims, and whether they should affect players, the host, and the quick play experience. One thread is sufficient. Thread locked.

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