Allow bots to tag enemies

Since the passive ability for WHC is that tagged enemies take more damage, it would make sense if bots were allowed to tag enemies. I can’t see all of the taggable dangers in the game and sometimes during intense moments, tagging enemies is just not doable.

I know that bots can tag enemies as it was an option in the QoL mod for the original vermintide game.

I live out in the middle of nowhere so finding a game that doesn’t end up giving me over 200 ping is hard. Currently, I like using WHC as one of my favorite bots.

Please consider allowing bots to tag enemies or just having WHC bot to tag enemies because sometimes it’s just not possible. I’m usually really good at tagging stuff myself but there have been instances to where I couldn’t because I keep getting knocked from behind and missing the target when hitting the tag function. It’s a little frustrating that tagging seems to be much harder in this game than it was in V1 because if I don’t get my crosshair in the center of the enemy, it won’t tag it. In V1, I just had to aim in the general direction of the enemy.

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