Allow an option to remove talents

I really enjoy getting the Heroic Deeds with the Back to Basics parameter because it resets everything back to starting level. NOTE: the level 20 talent plus a few other talents still work during that particular deed but for the most part it removes a good chunk of your progress to make the game more challenging (also like to point out that it does not reset the bots Hero Power, traits, properties, or talents).

I can equip power level 5 template armor and equipment and set my Hero Power to 305 but I cannot remove my already selected talents.

I think it would be fun if we could deactivate or remove our talents to make the game more challenging for those people who enjoy challenging runs (like me)!

I used to run Nightmare and Cataclysm in V1 using only white weapons and trinkets because after awhile, the game got too easy and I couldn’t ever get Deathwish difficulty to work properly. Rats Chats made that feature popular by calling them “white runs.”

I would like an option to double click the selected talent to remove the talent to basically start over without actually losing my overall level or progress. I think it would be a fun and challenging experience.


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