Back to basics deed

I think this particular modifier is a bit of a mess at the moment, on top of being the hardest around.
It’s supposed to give players the feeling of being starting characters again. But it’s doing something different, let me explain why.
Starting characters have got hero power adequate for their level, as they’d start playing on recruit. Morover, this modifier doesn’t disable all the talents, as it’s supposed to, so player can still benefit from temporary health, prize bounty, etc.
As it is, it’s a tough mess that allows only very specific meta builds and it’s incredibly tough (arguably no fun) to pull it off.

My suggestion is this: have it remove talents and item properties as it’s supposed to, but leave hero power intact.
Hero power is the math of the game, and it’s there for balance. This way players can do legend BtB deeds at the appropriate difficulty, with the - considerable but fun - challenge of having not to rely on their loved builds and customization.
This way it’s even conceivable to combine this modifiers with others, for an even greater challenge.


Here’s another suggestion, courtesy of a friend of mine: Separate the B2B Deed into two parts, equipment and hero. The equipment modifier would disable your Traits, Properties and equipment power, in effect equipping you with Blacksmith items. The hero modifier would do the same for your level and Talents, effectively resetting you to level 1. This would halve the effect on Hero Power, still allowing you to do something with your weapons without crippling things completely, and remove certain quite significant advantages while retaining others. It would also still allow the masochistic players to take on both parts at once.


Yes please. I want to treat marauders as credible threats and chaos patrols as suicide.


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