Level 40 talents (for CW)

Hello. Maybe it could be interesting to level up the characters to level 40, and create a new line with 3 talents, but especially for CW, only useable in CW.
1st : You can pull yourself up when you fall off a ledge (all the time, like the actual boon)
2nd : If you die during a chest fight, you’ll still be able to collect the boon (maybe there will be less quitters, because this is a problem when you respawn further and can’t access to the chest anymore)
3rd : You start the first mission +100 coins (it’s a bit like starting with one of the weapons in green)
Just an idea… What do you think?

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I wouldn’t mind some CW customisation but I would say that level are part of the worst of vermintide and I don’t like the idea of imposing five more of those to be efficient when starting a new class.

My idea:
keep the bonus concept but make it a bless from one of the gods the U5 have devoted to.
In the CW keep you can interact with the altars to learn about their lore but that’s all, here you would have a dialog box to ask you if you wish to get that god blessing and until you select a new one you would start CW with its bonus.

sigmar: you can always climb back when falling of a cliff (or something else)
Taal: you start with your ranged weapon on the green quality.
Myrmidia: you start with your close combat weapon on the green quality.
Lileath: you start with a random boon.
Valhaya: the first time you die during a chest trial in a CW you can’t be rescued until the CW is done but afterward you will respawn near the chest (unless your group has already walked past it too much).

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There was actually a lvl 35 talent point - but they took it away from us (we probably had too much fun with it); so I don’t think there will be a change.

There is a mod (in the workshop section) where you can pull yourself up when you fall off a ledge. But don’t know their status (modded or official).

You probably mean WoM launch.
Those talents are he same that are on lvl 30 right now (not taking into account balance patches since then), they were simply pushed to lvl 35 due to the lvl increase and later adjusted back to lvl 30 due to feedback.