All types of enemies except bosses spawn extremely close to players

Before patch 5.1.0 this was only a problem on the last 3 new maps which are mission of mercy, a grudge served cold and khazukan kazakit-ha but now regardless of what map you play enemies can and do constantly spawn ridiculously close to you within hitting/pushing/disabling distance. I have had hordes spawn on me, random trash enemies, elites and specials but no bosses so far.

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Yeah Randomly spawning enemies became worse again, sadly.

Damn that sucks, asides from being annoying it really kills immersion

I’ve also noticed this in a few missions. Haven’t taken note of which ones unfortunately, but I’m sure I did notice this in khazukan kazakit-ha. As in I hear the horde alert and then I see a lot of enemies spawn right in front of me in some sections.

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