Al characters should dodge further

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in V1 all characters dodge further, this allows to avoid damage more often and combat was a bit faster
this could improve combat in V2 a lot

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Dodge distance is already really good though? And the HM for example can dodge faster than characters can run. With the 1 handed sword she has a dodge count of 100, meaning she can dodge forever pretty much with out stopping. A few other mobile character have talents that let them dodge farther as well, the Slayer, HM, Shade are the ones I can think of. If you increase everyones dodge to their rate, it would make their talents useless, or they would be dodging nearly the length of the keep circle. Where the pedestal is to open your chests. That would be a bit OP.

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… you think combat was faster in V1…?! Wat?

I went and played V1 again last weekend, and everything was much slower and less hectic. v2 cranks everything up to 11

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