Aimbot that supposedly works in unmodded realm

If this does work in unmodded, it should be fixed or taken down.

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How are they getting it into the official relm?

It’s not getting into the official realm. It’s not sanctioned. People in the comments for the steam page are complaining about it even though it doesn’t affect them.

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Ok, so it doesn’t work in the official relm. Just making sure as I know in the past people took mods from the modded relm into the official. Joining a party with all 3 characters wearing Waystalker outfits was rather strange.

I don’t see the problem with this.

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Everyone in this thread are Pepega :slight_smile:

You maybe referring to an exploit used in one of the sanctioned mods (equipment manager) prior to BBB which allowed equipping gear across characters and careers.

It was mostly harmless fun looking at bald IB or Waystalker with nails in her head.
However, there were occasional BOP slayers and shotgun BHs.

The issue was eventually fixed by both the author (addressing the issue directly) and FS (preventing any similar exploit in the future).

This is different than an unsanctioned mod being used in live, and probably more risky since it cannot be disabled quickly even if the sanctioned status is revoked.
Not sure if there have been instances of unsanctioned mods in the live realm, since it would be pretty tricky to get passed the launcher without EAC catching you… at least in theory.

Well, I remember with the load out manager bug. All you had to do was change the mod in the config file from false to true. And that would allow it on the official relm. Pretty sure that was fixed tho.

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