Bot selection not working

I’m having trouble chaning my bardin bot to IB its currently stuck on ranger and no matter what I do I cant change it.

The method I expect to work is, in my keep change hero to Dwarven IB, change hero to say kruber and then start a game, however the dwarf bot is always ranger.

Is this a common issue? is there some stupid fix I’m missing? (could some mod be causing it?)

This might be a bug, as the bots should normally use your most recent Career and setup on the chosen character. But I think if you have the Loadout Manager mod installed, one loadout there (for each character) can be designated as a bot loadout. I haven’t checked that myself, but the friend who nearly always hosts our games, mentioned that some time ago. You might want to look at that.



You’re on the money, there is a checkbox in the top right hand corner on each of the saved profiles.

Not sure when I set it.

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