AI are not using the Careers I want for them, and I can't switch it

Whenever I host a game the AI Kruber doesn’t use the Mercenary Career even though usually the AI use the last career you played as for that character which would be the Mercenary, instead Kruber uses the Footknight one instead.

If I’m not playing Kerillian then instead it being Shade or Waystalker the ones I usually play as it’ll only use the Handmaiden Career.

For Victor Saltspyre or Bardin Goreksson it’s a 50/50 they usually do use the career I played last, sometimes.

I’m not exactly sure how to “recreate” this issue, but I’d really like it fixed cause whenever I host a game and wait for about 5 minutes and no one has joined my lobby i’d like for my AI teammates to be able to do certain things for me like Bardin being a Tank, Kerillian being a boss killer, Markus being the Horde clear, or Victor also being boss killer or, WHC to be support.

Are you using the Loadout Manager mod? One of the features of this mod is the “Bot Override loadout”, which causes a character to always used the class and loadout marked as “Bot override”, regardless of what you last played as. It could be that you set these up without knowing what it meant.


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