CW - Bots using wrong career/loadout

I have IB and SoTT set to ‘Bot Override’, and even switched to these careers before starting a run, but they always default back to RV and WS when I load in.

Are you using the Loadout Manager mod? It will override the bot careers you set in the game UI. If you’re using the mod, check your bot loadouts.

This probably belong to ‘mod discussion’ category rather than ‘bug’ as

is a feature of Loadout Manager, not the original game.

I’m using the old UI w/ Loadout Manager. Don’t see an option to set bot loadout in the base UI. So do I need to disable Loadout Manager every time I want to do CW? Used to be able to just switch to the career I wanted the bots to use, and they would use the last one I switched to for CW, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

No. Keep Loadout Manager enabled and use it to set bot loadouts in CW. In the mod, CW loadouts are separate from the non-CW loadouts. Go to the CW area of the keep, and notice that you have a separate set of loadouts in Loadout Manager.

That’s the non-modded bot loadout behavior. Loadout Manager didn’t support bot loadouts in the CW back then, which probably explains why it used to work like that for you.

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