After 200 hours in this game, i finally got my first RED item (weapon) : ) and its sOO c00L! ! ?!

So today was the big day, all this work and grinding legendary finally paid off, when i first got to experience the joy of getting a ultra rare weapon who legends say have a very unique look to them.

And i was so happy to receive this H I G H E F F O R T illusion truly worthy of a full release of a game : ^ )

Now i will go off and show it off to all my friends and randoms in lobbies in the future, and they will all be very jelous of my newly aquired item.


Im 128 hours in.
Guess, 72 to go…


Wow. This crossbow looks amazing, nothing at all like my white crossbow that I recieved at level 3. Congratulations! Enjoy this truly epic RED weapon that you have worked so hard for. :slight_smile:


I’d happily trade my visually stunning regular red crossbow for your plain looking red volley one. That being said I do understand your frustration. That does not look unique at all.

I think repeater crossbow suffers from the same issue. I have multiple illusions of one and they all look very wooden and plain with very minimal changes.

156 hours in 44 to go… =/

Wow indeed!
Played a couple of games with this bad boi equipped today, and it was quite the head turner.

As soon as i join a lobby, poeple start to ask questions like “wow is that a RED volley crossbow? it look sick, it really shows off the uniquie looks that makes the ultra rare red weapons feel unique and exclusive in their own way, and only the top dedicated players will be able to experience the joy of owning such an amazing weapon”.

And i respond like: “yeah.”

Although the jealousy can get hectic sometimes, i bear with it, cus that is nothing compared to what ive been through.

All my fans wanted me to provide a first person view of the amazing red volley crossbow aswell, so here you go:


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. This isnt reddit, why cant you report this like any normal human being and move on?


Absolutely amazing, really wish that I one day could posess an exclusive RED weapon with this epicness.
I am thoroughly mindblown that they had such creativity into making an unique item look so very different than the others! :smiley:

Can you tell me how it feels to have so many fans looking up to your amazing new volley crossbow?


Why does everyone want gaudy bling skins. Get some class. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just cuz, u can’t perform well enough to earn a red item dosen’t mean everyone that can do it wants a basic boring white quality tier weapon lmao get real.

It’s also because people wants to feel rewarded and stand out from the crowd.

Best joke I’ve heard all day! :smiley:

man give me a red weapon i don’t care if it looks like a stick i found on the ground. i just want to be able to roll perfect stats!!!

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got a red as well after 90 Hours. Onehanded axe … “cough” slayer " cough" -,…,-"

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Well, tastes vary I suppose.

I think that looks amazing, worn and used - and no glowing parts.

Imperial technology at its finest.

now gib pls

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Still, don’t think it’s a valid point, the red rarity is supposed to stand out a bit more than the rest, what’s the point of grinding your way through 100s of hours just to get yourself literally the same basic “look” that you’ve used all the way since the beginning.

Almost all of the other weapons out there has that certain look to it for being that high quality and with the super low drop chance in mind I don’t see why you should be rewarded with a potato that you’ve held on for weeks maybe months.

No offence, but when you could literally have that “amazing, worn and used” on a white, green, blue or exotic rarity volley crossbow it dosen’t make sense why the red rarity should look like garbage too.

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Calling it garbage is subjective, the veteran axe for Salty in v1 was simple and grand looking, much the way I feel about this one.

But opinions. :slight_smile:

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Since this weapon is so cool that everyone wants it, i had to compare it to the BASE CRAFTING MODEL to get the biggest difference i could find.
And i must say that this red volley crossbow is indeed very cool and different compared to the ones you start with, much like the red weapons in VT1, so i see your point being very valid in this case.

However, when compared to the other red weapons in VT2 this crossbow is in a whole different league of exclusive loot, i havent seen any other type of red weapon with this style, which really shows off the high effort put into the looks of this weapon. The other red weapons shown in VT2 seemed to have a similar theme going on in the design of them, but nah not this one, this one is special.


Hands down, dicks out looks extraordinary!:rofl:


This is so cool and epic that I shat my pants and kicked my dog in the face!

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