After 1.1 my game performance went high, but is back to usual 2 days later

At the first day after 1.1 launch I immediately noticed a great increase to game’s performance. My game ran 80+ fps 95% of the time, dropping to 60 on 5% of the waves. But after 2 days it’s back to what it used to be - a usual 50-90 fps roller coaster.

So guys, did any of you experience the same pattern? And if yes, what could have caused it in your opinion?

My only assumption - FS either disabled or tuned down EAC for the first 2 days of launch and then turned it back - I don’t have any other ideas, considering there were no hotfixes and downloads thus nothing else could have theoretically affected performance.

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Bump. I really need to know if someone’s been having similar issues.

Even if you didn’t, if the game just runs more smoothly for you since since 1.1 please comment. I am really curious to know if that was EAC and if the game theoretically can really run this great on my PC.

Not similar, but I have noticed my fans running much louder than usual - to the point where I took the PC apart to give it a good clean. Not too much dust so it’s the fans taking the strain for …something.

I did notice a much better performance after 1.1 with connection, floating rats, input lag and ghost hits almost completely eradicated, although for me sound issues are still a big problem (hits not getting their sound FX played, silent patrols and specials) and I often notice longer play-times (3 hours+ ) cause input lag although I think this is a very small memory leak somewhere.

For me I think EAC has no noticeable difference.


I’ve been playing with a regular group of 3 others since retail release, and all four of us have been experiencing lower framerates with bigger drops during hordes since 1.1.

For us, the performance improved going from 1.07 to 1.08, and then went back down to be worse than 1.07 since the latest patch and hotfixes.

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Yeah, 1.1, no difference. I got slightly higher fps, but stuttering is the same as from v1.0.8.0 onward.

Patch broke smooth gameplay for me. I had all high and extreme settings before - fluctuating between 60 and 90 fps, feeling was very smooth even on 60fps, now I have everything low, 130-230fps, which in max hordes and open world (most demanding Empire of flames) drops to ~80, but is 90% of the time above 100, and still not getting smooth feeling as before with 60fps. In fact, DX12 runs noticeable worse than DX11, less frames per second, more stutter with significantly more frame time. Was struggling to be competitive on legend after the patch in DX12 mode, then was forced to switch to lowest graphical settings and DX11, for the sake of smoothness of gameplay.

FPS counter shows 80fps in max horde, but it feels like 20 at times. As if server tick rate decreased to 15 or 20 during heavy horde, but fps stay high. Also, if I get a player with high ping, it destroys gameplay, because the whole game starts warping and stuttering. This is not the case If I play with bots only. When playing with bots, game feels solid, I get much more critical hits too. As soon as human players connect to me, I always get a spike and afterward slight constant stutter, micro-warps even if I am hosting. It feels like I am not the host, but the server is somewhere between all the players connected, so we all feel lag. If I host and have human players on the team, delays are minimized, but still there. If I play with bots only, there is no delay, and slashing is much more enjoyable. Physics works so nicely with bots only, but with humans present, constant slight stutter is preventing critical hits and denying me to properly use physics of the weapon for better movement and dodging.

Also, when closing the game (Quit game), game would close, after that, I can sometimes briefly see another window/scene from a different level that we played before, getting closed. Somehow secretly running 2 levels at once, or what is this saucery?! :smiley:

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Yeah, same problem here. Sometimes even when sitting on 80 FPS it still feels like 40 or 50.

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