Micro stutters since 1.0.8

As in title. My framerate seems a bit higher overall since this patch which is nice but i get ocasional micro freezes every 15-20 seconds or so that are really jarring. Did not notice any abnormal gpu/cpu or disk usage by v2 or overheating. Did not have that issue on live 1.0.7.


No, but I noticed that my performance is overall lower than pre patch

If you just download the patch both Steam and EAC could be scanning files in the background. Can you double check that it isn’t background disk activity?

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Did not notice anything like that when played last time but i’ll double check next time i see those happen.

I believe EAC does a check every now and then, they might’ve tweaked the rate a bit again, I wonder; please debunk/confirm if you read this FS.

Am not on BETA yet will be tomorrow, so I’ll keep an eye on stutter then. For me the stutter went away when they smoothed EAC a bit.

Yeah I’ve experienced some stutter and big frame drops during hordes on the beta patch, along with some weird audio bugs.

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