Advices to play Winds of Magics

Hello everyone!
Im playing Vermintide 2 on xbox, and Im not able to play Winds of Magic yet. I would like to ask you about advices that I should know before it release on consoles.
Things like Should I start to keep Vaults and Red Dust?
Will be available the new weapons from the beginning?.
How can I progress faster through the first waves?
And in general, things that you would have liked to know when began to play Winds of magic.

Red dust yes, if you want to upgrade the new weapons.

Yes, you only have to clear the new map on any difficulty to unlock the weapon for which ever character you are playing on.

If the builds stay the same. Play BW with the famished flames/Lingering flames build. You can clear up to weave 23-24 or so solo without any team mates. It’s important you clear the first weave, after that, you can just farm essence in normal games if you want to upgrade your gear first.

Block cost reduction is generally better than Stamina on Necklaces now. In fact I run BCR on certain weapons and neck for 60%. Stamina recovery on trinket helps too. Nearly everyone seems to just stack attack speed now on charm and melee weapon. Few breakpoints for certain characters, but there was much more defined break points to build for before WoM.

I personally would recommend to not buy it until they fix it.
I would take a wait and see approach.
The game on PC is in a pretty bad place right now.


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