Advanced Gamma feature

I wish there was an option to manipulate the gamma curve a bit more in-depth. On my monitor, when midtones and hightlights are looking good, the shadows become to dark. I can counter this by raising gamma, but then midtones become washed out.

Could we get a more advanced gamma slider where you could raise shadows a bit more without affecting midtones and highlights?


Without invalidating the request (it’s a good feature), you may not need it. Some video drivers allow you to override graphics settings for any given program by using software/game profiles. It will depend on how much detail your driver/card allows for.

I checked the Nvidia settings, but it seems they neither provide per-app settings(?) nor raising shadows independent of general gamma. Perhaps there’s a third party program that can do this.


  • First of all I played around with reshade and found the qUINT_Lightroom shader which, albeit crudely, let me give the gamma curve a bump in the blacks and shadows. This along with a slight increase of midtone contrast made it possible to see what is going on the darker portions of the game. With “darker” I don’t mean Blightreaper darkness, see next point.

  • The main offender (and thus test area) seem to be Righteous Stand, barracks and the end event arena in particular. Here it’s almost impossible to see what is going on with default settings; the floor and dark parts of the temple become almost pitch black with the shafts of light coming in through the ceiling. Which leads me to…

  • …the ‘hdr’ tone mapping. I think it’s just a bit too contrasty in certain levels, especially Righteous Stand. Could it be toned down a bit? Instead of my previous suggestion of an advanced gamma feature, maybe a slider for HDR strength? Perhaps just “normal” and “reduced”? This would be awesome!

Any thoughts FS?

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