Soulblaze FX are too much - too high a contrast

The soulblaze effect is blinding in dark areas. The heretics’ mesh/texture stays completely dark while the soulblaze is insanely bright. This contrast is too high causing my eyes to be unable to discern the actual heretic animations. This makes me want to avoid matches with people using soulblaze . Either dynamically light the heretics up with the flames or tune down the contrast. It’s just too much right now. I’m on a 4090 and seeing the action silky smooth, but the soulblaze is ruining it.


Have you tried running your monitor in HDR mode while playing the game? (windows+alt+b through Gamebar toggles it) This reduces the intensity of the soulblaze flame.

I’m always in HDR… HDR means you get even “darker” blacks. This is why the contrast is so great and painful.

I have the same issue. For example, on the level with the plague tree, since theres fog or something, it makes me feel like im driving in fog with my brights on.