HDR Support Planned?

This is the best looking game I have ever seen. Feels like it’s made for a 4090, it pushed graphics to the limit. The atmosphere in the levels is fantastic, details everywhere, it’s stunning. All this drooling over graphics just makes me wonder how it would look with HDR. The dark shadows everywhere with moody lighting would pop even more with HDR. Considering this game is packed with DX12 goodness, why was HDR not included?

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I had asked the same Q during the CBT, there’s even an HDR format entry in the config file.
It’s absolutely screaming for HDR.

The config entry is still there but no other mentions.
It doesn’t trigger Windows 11’s Auto-HDR function either fwiw.

Well not sure what made it kick in, but later this night after a crash the game started triggering Windows 11 Auto-HDR mapping so it looks a lot better, but still not news on proper in-game HDR afaik.

P.S. There were also new nVidia drivers today.

Yeah the lack of HDR is unfortunate. Playing other games like B4B in HDR made me have high hopes for Darktide with HDR but here we are, don’t wanna make use of autohdr but the atmosphere bright lights, completely unlit areas with power outage modifiers would be glorious with some real HDR

Just bought an LG OLED monitor. Here’s hoping HDR can make its way here. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

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