A minor request for HDR users eyes : option to adjust white UI alpha

So, I was the lucky buyer of a flawless new Alienware AW3423DWF monitor today.
Only later did I realize Darktide had no native HDR support. The game and its visuals really beg for it so fingers crossed we will get some implementation later.

Good news though, with some adjustments to driver luminosity etc. autoHDR in windows 11 works well enough.
The only issue, for example when using HDR 1000, is the various white color UI elements.

Subtitles (even though deactivated yay !), name of the teammates, status of the teammates on the lower left all use pure white that is simply blindingly bright in HDR.

Without much effort, having an option for one or two more grayish / yellow colors for those elements, or simply an adjustable slider for the alpha/color of those elements would totally solve the issue.

I understand there are priorities at the moment and this concerns a minority, but the changes would be minimal for a maximal effect for HDR users.

It would be nice (as would HDR support in general), though if the UI elements really are blindingly light, I think you might have adjusted the AutoHDR slider too high, and/or calibrated your screen too high in general. I use AutoHDR on this game as well, admittedly on something with peak brightness closer to 800, but probably since this game isn’t native, you shouldn’t be aiming for 1000 nit peak.

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Using the default color profile for the monitor which stops at 465nits somehow, the UI elements will still be blindingly white compared to the dark environments in HDR 1000 day lights sessions.

Having an option for more gray names / UI elements is pretty much a must be for using HDR 1000, on that monitor, while HDR 400 true black is less worse but could still use some love as whites are still blinding in a dark night room.

Eh, it’s late and i need some sleep after toyiung with this so much !

Oh google calibration for your screen. If it’s anything like all other screens and TVs I have ever encountered, the default profiles are less than ideal.

Yeah, it’s calibrated already but thank you.