Adding more nurgle themed passives and weapons to enemy units and map mutators to the game

I think the Poxwalkers, Plague Ogryn and Beasts of Nurgle could probably benefit from passives themed around Nurgle’s Rot and Cloud of Flies. Rot making them resistant to light melee and bleed, while Cloud would make them resistant to ranged fire greater than 10 meters away. If a buffing unit like a sorcerer or agitator is ever added they should be able to confer these blessings of nurgle upon other units while they are alive.

Certain units like infested or daemonic (Poxwalkers and Beasts of Nurgle) should have an close range effect that strips 0.5 toughness per second. Representing the withering effect of the disease these creatures are harbouring. Should Plaguebearers or Nurglings be added they would also have this effect. Zealot could have this reduced to 0.25 as Nurgle’s diseases are of the body and soul.

Similarly the Tox Flamer should have a plague themed equivalent that fires the same vomit/disease that the Beast of Nurgle ejects and trails behind it. Plague-spewers are used by Plague Marines but I don’t see why an insane Nurgle cultist can’t have a scaled down Plague-thrower.

Captains can spawn with different weapons and it’d be great to see them spawn with a Plague Knife or Plague Axe. Something that strips toughness over time.

These effects and weapons being added could open up the possibility of creating mutators for existing units. A plague version of every Ogryn type and the boss now becomes an Exalted Plague Ogryn etc. Ravagers could become exalted as they now have two plague knives. A Mauler becomes a headman of Nurgle as he swaps his chain axe for a plague axe etc etc.

Map mutator - Plague Mist

Like Ventilation Purge except while not in some form of coherency your toughness bar constantly decreases. Being in coherency with another player will stop it from deteriorating but it will not regenerate until the full team is back in coherency (or if you restore it through perks).

Enemies that would spawn; Endless Horde of Poxwalkers. Hounds, Mutants, Pox Bursters, Tox Flamers. Either a Plague Ogryn, Beast of Nurgle or Spawn would appear at each potential boss encounter location on the map.

So no real ranged enemies, but all a theme of things that could survive in the worst of the corruption.