Add Ranged Enemies for Future Content

Hello, I know development takes time and there are more pressing matters. I believe the best way to add more variety and depth to the game is by adding some standard ranged enemies.

examples would be:

marauder with javelins or throwing axes

Rats with slings or throwing stars

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It could become very annoying to be hit by something you can’t see/hear coming or find the source of during combat, which causes you to be interrupted or downed. During a horde there’s already enough specials to worry about sniping, but then also using precious ammo to deal with ranged trash mobs seems like it would be a chore to me, especially since (and correct me if I’m wrong) only shield users can block ranged attacks.

I can imagine them setting up in the distance and preparing a shot over the course of 15 or 20 seconds, during which time someone has the chance to shoot them. Perhaps you can even see a small point of bright green light where they are loading the warpstone bullet. I can imagine the panic as my team and I rush to kill them before they get their sights on one of us and shoots us.


Aye, I also want those.
The very fact that something is hitting you from long distance, probably without an option to fully block it, would force players to move in a situation where they would normally bunker down.
Fluff-wise, they even have a nice green trail to find their position with.
I believe that’s more or less the last ‘special’ that could reasonably be implemented.

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