Add options for LOD distance and Sun Shadow Resolution In-Game? Greatly Improved Visuals

Like others have noted, the LOD pop-in in this game is horrendous. If you edit the config file (located in Appdata\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide\User_setting.config)
You’ll see a line thats called lod_object_multipler thats set to 1.

If you set this to 5, save the file and set it to “read-only” so the game doesn’t overwrite it, it completely fixes the LOD for both close objects AND distant objects for only a 1-2 fps cost (on my system anyway). 3 also works, but you’ll still notice some pop-in.
You can test this by going into the meat grinder in the Psykarium, and when you spawn in, look at the quality of the distant walls surrounding the arena, along with close objects like the shipping containers outside the edge of the playable arena and even the workbenches. They will be much higher quality, and much more visually stable as you move.

Honestly, I think an option for LOD quality should be added to the graphics, being able to set it from 1 to 5.

The other big one is the sun shadow resolution. Again, in the user_settings.config, there’s sun_shadow_map_size and static_sun_shadow_map_size.
These have 2048 set for all their resolutions, setting them to 4096 GREATLY improves baked shadow quality.
Having an option for this as well would be great.


Thanks for this. I have a 5800x3d so that extra l3 cache can be put to work now loading those model riggings in sooner!

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