Performance Tweak - Sun Shadows

I found a possibly huge performance tweak but is has a noticable visual impact.
After testing a lot of stuff with config files I determined the setting that impacts my performance the most are the sun shadows.
You can’t adjust the sun shadows seperately in the graphics options.
Instead I think the value is activated when you set lighting quality to medium or higher or something in that direction.

Set you graphics ingame, quit, go to




and change the line

sun_shadows = true


sun_shadows = false

You might have to make the config read only. I did. Not sure if the game resets this setting. I guess it does.

This literally makes the difference between smooth gameplay and lagfest for me.
I set everything else to high and I have decent FPS now.
Before I was playing on 900p and with this tweak I could switch back to 1080p.
I even set the amount of dynamic shadow lights to 12.

Everything the game does is ok for my hardware except the sun shadows.

This is my current settings file

Ok … after more testing I found out it apparently only does the trick for me in specific maps.
Other maps just have such messed up performance issues that this alone doesn’t help either.

When I wrote this I played a bunch of games and it worked fine. XP

Or there is something weird going on with the config file and which settings are actually used.