Add more skins that we can buy with coins from Lohner

Most of us have all the red skins already so we need something to make us grind. (to keeps up playing and keep buying expansions)

Paying high prices for skins might solve your finances but it wont give player an incentive to grind. In a game like this that’s built around grind that’s a big aspect of the game.

There should be a few new skins every month… So far you have not added coin skins in a loooong time.

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That’s right: my goal in Vermintide is to grow and expand my Collection. I am definitely happy with all the new items (although the problem of lack of space in the inventory is already critical).

For example, I would like to have purple glow illusions for all weapons. :closed_umbrella: And also purple skins for all characters, in the same style as Ranger Veteran and Outcast Engineer “Barack Varr” skins. :aquarius:

lol shut up. Pay the money or not XD

Is this guy a paid actor?

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