Add flares on Lights Out maps

Lights Out maps are ma favorite, but they are lacking more mechanics to fight darkness. For now we have only flashlights(fire from flamer/psyker dont count cuz they dont give real light).

Lets add red light flare that we can throw to light up room for short time.
You dont have any at start of the mission, but you can find them in crates. You can throw them like grenades and they take place of medi pack/Ammo crate.

Additional suggestion: Maybe night vision built into some weapons that you can use by aiming with weapon?

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Was thinking of a grenade toggle to throw flares, except I wanted them blue. :wink:

Also think we should get a little more money for modifier missions. like 1k at malice? Maybe 2k?

Also, if we have a weapon with a light, could our character (automatically on dark maps) make an effort to ‘keep pointing it forward’ when sprinting?

On a related note, the recon pew pew is great because light keeps pointed forward when you reload it.

But not when you sprint. The Kant MG XII does stay forward when sprinting, or forward and up a little which you can compensate for…

I mean, don’t sprint in the dark :slight_smile:


That might be good advice, but you know I will. And I just tested the Kantraels, and all of them illuminate your path when sprinting. Though I’m not sure if they all do an equal job due to barrel length and being in the well lit meat grinder.

Quite curious how much light a hot plasmagun’s blue upper case will put out though.

As soon as I get a decent plasma gun and more lights out I will try.

Also, Kant MG XII is life.

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You have excellent taste!

I like all the lasers so far except the hellbore, and if they fixed the aim I might reconsider it.
Though I find ‘deadly accurate’ to be a big help on the lower damage ones, and a ‘rapidly click left button’ programmed key on my mouse.

Also, after checking, the autogun rifles point sideways on the sprint, the braced autogun pistol (SMG) has a light and stays forward. Might be useful to someone. As near as I can tell, Ogryn has no way to get a good light.