Add an option to choose loot type from chests

Right now, opening a chest is kind of a crapshoot. Especially when you already have a couple of Necklace/Charm/Trinket and really don’t need anymore.

First, you need to get lucky to even get a red item. Then, you have to get lucky with the red item being one that isn’t a Necklace/Charm/Trinket (so I would guess a 2/5 chance to get a new weapon), then you need to get lucky with the item being a weapon you actually use.
This makes the loot system even more discouraging.

Thus, I suggest adding some kind of option inside the Spoils of War screen that would allow you to indicate which slot you want the loot of the next chest to be, thereby allowing you to target the exact slots you want.
This can be a list of checkmarks you could mark, which by default is marked for all slots, and will alow you to uncheck certain types of loot you don’t need any of.

I think such an adjustment will make the red grind a bit nicer for most players (since most players probably aren’t anywhere near having all of the red items).

P.S. I realize this is the 3rd topic in the last couple of weeks I’ve made on the loot system, but being a relatively new player (250 hours, still feel new), the grind is honestly the biggest pain I’m having wit the game. It’s honestly just extremely frustrating for me to get my hopes up for each chest only to be let down be either no reds or another Necklace/Charm/Trinket.

P.S.S. I know the entire loot system itself isn’t good, but I’m opting to offer small tweaks to it in hopes that they are more likely to be implemented rather than the entire overhaul the system actually needs.
This kind of feature honestly should be super easy to implement, but I don’t know the system FS is working with so who knows. Here’s hoping.


All these suggestions you make, are a topic for 2 years. If you didn’t notice, FS doesn’t give a flying f*ck. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the next 3-4 seasons for anything to happen.
Just check in every 3 months on the new season start and if nothing is to your liking, go do something else that’s fun. Most of the players already did so.
Otherwise just grind another 1000 hours like we did and you’ll be kitted with items.

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Isn’t this just like using red dust to craft your weapons?

Also do you play cata or are you at a point where you steamroll legend?
Otherwise i will repeat what i said on plenty of your threads, red items are not needed, barely any bp’s in legend which need max rolls.

Yes, I steamroll Legend. I just hate the grind.


I kind of like the idea, actually. Still not as good as just porting the Athanor, but definitely a step in the right direction. And if FS insist on locking illusions behind RNG, this is a way to target farming, at least. And I see no significant downsides either.


But you can’t get those illusions with crafting.

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They will never add the athenor like its in weaves right now. It would be preffered but they won’t get rid of their entire chest system, loot would be gone etc and alot of players actually play for loot, even players who’s first motivation is skill, loot is nice to have.

Unless you add essence like athenor which would still be a huge grind to max every weapon

I’m pretty sure op is talking about red weapons, stat wise.
In his previous threads he made about red items i agreed that skins should be and will probably be available in Le in the future.