Add an area around the player that enemies cannot spawn in

Please, please add this. I don’t mind the doors, as they are marked, but twice today an enemy spawned directly behind me or in front of me.
Proof they don’t currently have this:

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They shouldn’t be just spawning into existence anywhere players can go. They already come out of doors directly behind you, and there are many spaces players can’t reach that are out of sight, spawning in literally behind you for cheap shots is terrible. It’s fine if they are spawned at the very beginning of a match, but that’s it. After match should remove spawning on traversable areas

If I may play Devil’s Advocate here, there is a stairway and walkway above you and if you go frame by frame you can kinda see that enemy falling from above, where the walkway seems to be.

You know what, fair. Although I have definitely had enemies spawn behind me against a wall they couldn’t have dropped from the moment I turned to fight something else though