Add a visual effect to indicate aggro switch rather than just the sound

Having a way to tell if a boss or other large creature is about to lunge after you is extremely helfpul, but the sound can be easily lost amongst everything else going on or mistaken for something else like its loud footsteps, and even making it louder or more distinct wouldn’t fix this. Some sort of visual effect like momentary distortion or a slight zoom to indicate that you’re the next target would make it more readily apparent, like it’s literally focusing on you.

Generally the boss will be briefly stunned as it switches aggro, there tends to be a visual pause, if not a deathstare as it chases you around.

As for gaining aggro in melee range; consider that certain weapons/careers simply do a lot of damage all at once especially if they’re going for headshots/backstabs(elf). So you’ll want to constantly be ready to block/dodge away between strikes, rather than mindlessly flailing away at it.

It was much the same in VT1, always play like you’re going to eat a hit and you’ll end up playing a lot safer and use a lot less healing items!

I agree with you, I think this is what makes bosses more challenging and fun.

With that said, sometimes they will change agro mid-swing, I’m not sure how I feel about that. Frustrating to have them start an attack on someone else, and mid-way through they pivot on a dime and hit me right in the face…

Yeah, for the default ogre that’s mostly a lack of animation I feel? It’s a remnant of VT1 almost.

I will admit however that in playing Into The Nest today I did notice the boss there has a risky phase when dual wielding where he can suddenly switch mid-swing and turn right into your face despite animating towards his previous target half a second earlier.

With the ogre its easier to avoid since you just treat it like a hulk that you want to chip rather than destroy (especially since they’re so easy to kite and dance with to the point you can keep them almost stationary).

One common mistake I see a lot of people make when it do comes to kiting is they never dodge sideways/diagonally sideways to break an attackpattern and get free hits in.

Same! dodging backwards is probably the “safest” so I get why people do it… but I think a lot of people don’t know that the direct melee attacks (ground pound type attacks, or the Spawn grab attack) can be dodged straight sideways so you stay in melee attack range and can get in 2-3 attacks depending on your weapon.

ey, it’s pretty easy to tell if a boss has changed aggro on you tbh. if you’re asking for a big DING + “BOSS HAS AGGROED ON YOU” message, then no. you gotta learn the subtleties of the bossfights - this is a big part of the game, and should not be dumbed down.

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