Achievement Unlocked, Steam Player Peaks Hitting all time lows

We are now dipping below 4k peak players and continues to drop. Seeing some of the lowest consecutive numbers since launch.

From personal experience, my gaming group won’t even entertain the idea of jumping back in anymore. Although, funnily enough, they are all heavily playing the latest season of DRG. And with games like Starship Troopers, Battle Bit, D4, and Space Marine it seems DT can’t compete.

Hopefully, crossplay and content at the end of the year will help.

Shout out to this Sheets for tracking!


yeah, even the 40k fans are dipping. Starship Troopers is just way better


The only reason this game isn’t dead is because it has Warhammer in its name. But Fatshark is working hard (lol) to make this irrelevant as well. What a joke of a company.


tbh moddiny community managed to develop way more QoL features than FS themselves, they even made new game modes.

all of that in short time, without having access to engine or backend code, nor any docs, just by trial and error development on lua client scripts.

if mods would not be present, game would not even have the 4k playing right now.

and you know very well that 4k players is above reality, most of them logs in just to check the melk store, then mission board and quit because there is no challanging modifier on rotation ← me yesterday, and day before that


Can someone who isnt lazy like me check the stats for the number of players on when hi shock troop gauntlet is on the mission board vs when it’s not. Im willing to bet you will see a considerable increase in players when it’s up vs when it’s not. I bet Fatshark tracks these numbers too.

It’s when/if the player count drops too low then it will start to affect match making wait times in a big way, then it becomes bigger problem.


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