Access violation crash in Into the Nest legend while fighting a boss + specials

Was playing as a client in a public lobby of Into the Nest legend. We were fighting a rat ogre, and I remember a ratling gunner currently firing then - crash. I think a horde has also spawned at the around the same time.

Console log (attached) states:

[Crash] Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 3207c833a6c1
    accessing address 0000000000000010 from 000000014026F67A

<<Lua Stack>>   [0] [C]: in function ai_husk_locomotion_update
  [1] ...stem/systems/locomotion/locomotion_templates_ai_husk.lua:64: in function update
  [2] ...s/entity_system/systems/locomotion/locomotion_system.lua:217: in function update_extensions
  [3] ...s/entity_system/systems/locomotion/locomotion_system.lua:191:in function <...s/entity_system/systems/locomotion/locomotion_system.lua:190>
  [4] scripts/entity_system/entity_system_bag.lua:56: in function update
  [5] scripts/entity_system/entity_system.lua:409: in function system_update
  [6] scripts/entity_system/entity_system.lua:373: in function update
  [7] scripts/game_state/state_ingame.lua:870: in function update
  [8] foundation/scripts/util/state_machine.lua:145: in function update
  [9] scripts/boot.lua:662: in function game_update
  [10] scripts/boot.lua:465:in function <scripts/boot.lua:463>
<</Lua Stack>>

Based on the crash reason and Lua stack, this seems to be similar to a crash I’ve previously reported: Crash in Against the Grain legend while fighting a horde

console-2018-09-28-23.58.03-A4DF12C4-7006-464B-BDDB-0D17 crash fighting rat ogre ratling gunner into the nest.log (537.0 KB)

crash_dump-2018-09-28-23.58.03-A4DF12C4-7006-464B-BDDB-0D17.dmp (497.0 KB)

I know I’ve already mentioned this in your other report, but your CPU does not appear to meet the minimum requirements for Vermintide 2 which is very likely to be producing the Access Violation crashes you’re experiencing. :frowning:

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