About the upcoming dedicated servers

Is there going to be a South America dedicated server? I don’t want to throw this game to the thrash as i did with the elder Scrolls online because they’ve never implemented a SA dedicated server and made the game unplayable with over 230+ ms for those who are not near US/Europe


i hope for the best for you my friend. dont get your hopes down yet but dont get your expectations too high.


+1 hope this happens for you too!

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If they are unable to get dedicated servers for south america, maybe they can set it up so that you have the option of either using a server or continuing to have a player host like what is going on right now

This might not improve things, but hopefully it will not make things worse

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Its highly unlikely that they’d quarantine a lot of their playerbase by using “set in stone” dedicated server locations .

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I don’t think that by dedicated servers they mean just renting more cloud droplets to run server sessions for them.

I am under the impression that we will just get a software to run that will enable us to run it on our own or rented servers.

As such you can have a dedicated server in any country that has Rental Server Providers, not just an Azure or AWS datacenter.

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