About Stats and the Scoreboard

I will only want to see “score” at the end of missions. And only display by %.

How about you just see your own stats and not the stats of your teammates?

I am interested how I performed and I have no interest in flaming someone.

in that case group with 3 noobs and play an easier difficulty , youll see those numbers jump right up.
actually the better the team does teh less kills they will have.

the numbers wont be accurate youll get false info to, mostly it will measure speed , the experience of doing the run will tell you where you did well and where you didnt.

the use of the numbers is in the flex in the dope hit of seeing big shiny numbers , its the adulation of the crowd , the affirmation you do rock and are special.
i think there maybe other ways of providing this. for eg i suspect overwatch’s play of the game was an attempt at just this, unfortunately the AI just plays dps presses Q.


To me re playability suffers without scorecards or career tally’s. If I cant see where to improve, what to build upon or my contribution…things get boring quickly.

By all means, add a private personal score card at the end, BUT it must also show the collective mission total so you can have reference to measure your contribution by. This is the only way you can see where you need to improve, and the balance of your build

Also the scorecard needs more support stats, damage absorbed/blocked/dodged, team saves/assists etc

Yep this game will get boring quickly without a good scoreboard. No way i would have played so much vermintide 2 without scoreboard. Scoreboard is the endgame