A Useful scoreboard

I made a thread debunking the kill score style scoreboard being of use and pointing out it causes a lot of competitive play in a co op game.

But i do think there is a way to make the scoreboard a useful tool, by measuring stats that promote team work.

some ideas. and thats all they are first draft ideas.

  1. Coherance - amount of time spent hitting at least two other group members with your aura / Duration of the mission.

2.Scouter - Percentage of specials pinged first.

  1. Provisioner - amount of health /ammo provided by your deployable cases expressed in total and percent form ie achieved /max

  2. resource finder- ammo, grenades etc found expressed as a ratio of pinged and left to taken.

  3. Assister a measure of number of enemies attacking friends either surpressed/interupted killed

well you get the ideaa


A teambased scoreboard shows the collective contribution of the whole team. Thats it, but that isnt wanted.

People want to see their own contribution for validation and competition. Thats literally the definition of a scoreboard. It doesnt matter how many pointless stats you add, it will never become useful because a scoreboard is simply not useful for gameplay. Its only “useful” for the individual player who wants to see that he did better than the other players.

A scoreboard doesnt help you get better and a scoeboard doesnt show how good your build is. It either shows arbitrary stats you dont need to know, like with a teambased scoreboard, or it shows that you either have a higher or lower score than other players.

Its not useful and never will be. Its only for people who need it.


If I had a choice I would never settle for a wannabe scoreboard that lacks some information “because”. I want to see if I get the most kills, I want to see how much damage I have dealt compared to the others so that I can show it off or optimize my build even better. Not going to sugarcoat it. Vermintide 2 had a fanstastic scoreboard and nobody ever had issues with it except maybe a 0.1% of players. This isn’t a reason for us to get a worse product. How about we ban the toxic players and let the rest of the players have the full experience and functionality of the game? I don’t care in a slighest if you dealth no damage and just killed a few enemies. That’s even better for me. More kills and training for me ^^

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Yeah, exactly the important metrics for ib/foot Knight/warrior priest and to a lesser extend hand maiden and unchained.
The scoreboard definitely lacks metrics for stagger/cc classes. There is absolutely no useful info for you playing shade when the rest of the team is composed of the classes above. Except if you don’t get all the green circles in that case. Than you’d need to change something.

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ok well in that case the best way to improve is to play worse with worse players.
4 noobs getting lost taking twice as long to slwoly crawl through a level will DESTROY a team of efficient skilled players on all kill metrics.

to think that the v2 scoreboard shows anything usefull simply shows a lack of maths understanding. i tried to lay this out to a egree in

the core problem with the v2 scoreboard is its competitive, but tide games are co operative. it causes competitive behaviour

now you say only 0.1% of people had an issue with the v2 scoreboard, but 100% of people had the quality of the experince lowered because of it. (if you can make up numbers so can everyone!)

You lost me at “taking twice as long to slowly crawl through a level”. It would very clearly ruin the rating of the run. Slowing down to get more kills isn’t anything good players would remotely consider unless for weapon testing purposes since the shooting range isn’t in the game yet or at least in the beta.

This comment is the perfect example for why scoreboards are useless.

This guy has no idea about Vermintide, thinking there are cc/stagger classes. Doesnt know about attack speed FK, doesnt know about Dragon IB, doesnt know about imba bc HM and doesnt know about power UC. He thinks those are classes that cant do and damage and are designed to cc.

I bet he is one of those people who take shield weapons and constantly stagger trash, believing that they are helping the team instead of realizing that they are wasting time.

Thats why he wants stagger as a stat on the scoreboard, so he can feel useful when the game shows him big number.

really? even if

but your misunderstanding my point. i said

so you are saying people wouldnt do this though its against there own self interest. which i dunno maybe people could draw a conclusion from.

but its not the point. thinking your stats shows anything relevant is just from alack of both maths and how the game works. ie success on your metric is achievable by playing worse

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You don’t know me and as far as I know we have never played together. So take your assumptions about me and put them in the bin where they belong.

Sifting through the baseless garbage I’m going to respond to your argument.

Basically you don’t want a scoreboard at all. If I had the choice between the one we currently have and no scoreboard, I’d also choose no scoreboard because how it stands it just shows how fast someone is at killing.

Yeah, sorry. I didn’t want to go down into individual builds and so I summarized. There are damage oriented builds for all classes. I meant stagger/cc builds.

You’d lose that bet. I’m also on the fast side playing the maps since faster map clear means fewer enemies and therefore fewer chances to get into a fubar situation. But if you already are in a fubar situation, a stagger oriented build can help clearing space for the people playing damage oriented builds so they can do what they do best. There simply are situations where you can’t DPS your way out of and thats where stagger/cc shines. Granted, these situations mostly arise out of human error to begin with, but hey, nobody is perfect.

Circling back to the beginning: If having no scoreboard is not an option, I’d like a scoreboard that captures other metrics than “number of kills/damage done”.
If you want to emphasize fast play you could for example add kills per minute, time spent in combat vs. out of combat, average time to kill elites, average time specials were alive.

And other than just stagger you could add other metrics for stagger/cc/support builds as well. For example number of times aggro taken from other people (especially in boss/monster fights), time boss/monster spent aggroing you, interupted attacks on other players, …

Overall not only damage taken but also times downed/captured and healing items consumed. There really could be interesting stuff there which would show how team members performed other than “most kills/damage”.


Doesn’t seem like a lot of middle ground. Seems like different groups of players with just different objectives.

Would be ideal to funnel players with different objectives into different teams. Maybe what kind of scoreboard you select could be a choice that filters who you get matched with.

I dont need to know you, your comment already showed me everything.

Also, i dont care about the existence of a scoreboard, because its pointless. From my end the people can easily have the V2 scoreboard. The fact still remains that a scoreboard is pointless. It doesnt matter how many stats you want to show, it still remains pointless for the overall game.

Again, a scoreboard doesnt make you better nor does it show you how your build did because it only shows arbitrary numbers. If you think otherwise, then its again a proof that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Also, stagger/cc build do not exist except when you are bad at the game. You either build for anti-special, anti-elite, anti-horde or anti-monster. If you dont do that and just stagger everything so someone else has to kill it, then you are a worthless member for the team.

Watch out everybody, they seriously do not care.

Anyways…I’ve stayed out of the scoreboard conversation because people are way too amped up about it, and the stats are not a huge point of contention for me.

But I will say VT2 caused my whole player group to focus on Damage Taken as the mark of quality and it really did motivate us to play better simply to bring that number down as low as possible.

The psychological impact of scoreboards on players is indisputable. It’s not a trivial thing, it’s another lever a dev can pull to affect player behavior. What you show vs. not show, how you influence player perception, none of that interests me much. I’d prefer more data than less, is my overall opinion.

For my wants, I just want a scoreboard that better explains and highlights how much progression you get for doing various things. I space bar’d so hard through the scoreboards in Beta just as a reflex from VT2 and Fatsharks love of animations. When I did stop to read the scoreboard, I felt like it didn’t do a good job of cleanly laying out experience, secondary objectives and the like. It didn’t make me want to read it. It made me want to skip it. I didn’t feel myself taking it seriously because by the look and layout of it, it didn’t seem like it was taking ITSELF seriously.



you base that assumption on? (not from the scoreboard i’d imagine, that’d hilarious)
From your experience in pubs when someone else tries a cc build?
Or from premades with voip and 3 damage dealer + 1 cc setups?

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I base that assumption on +1000 hours on legend and +200 hours on cata as PUG carry. That showed me the vast majority of people in Vermintide 2 are not good at the game and have the most problems with specials.

The times i did play with friends i met in the game who were also veteran players, we indeed had teams with different builds and none of them were specialised on cc, but mixes of anti-horde, anti-special, anti-elite and anti-monster.

The only times significant cc was used was with IBs ultimate. The other times threats were dealt with through damage. My go to careers were WHC, FK, UC, Engi and WS.

Nice to see the old no-fun-allowed V2 minmaxers are still around :laughing:

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Yeah, because i obviously said that only the best builds are allowed. How about you dont make accusations based on your lack of knowledge?

Oh please. You’re calling people bad just for suggesting they can get results using builds you don’t approve of.

There were balance states in V2 where stagger builds were perfectly viable even in pug runs and I’m betting there will be in DT as well.


No one suggested that stagger builds can get results, it was suggested to add stagger/cc so the stagger builds have something to look at. It was also suggested that careers like FK need this stat to have at least something to look at and thats why i called him out for being bad.

I also said that stagger builds dont exist, because they were at most inefficient and not even close to being viable, which is the reason why they were only played for memes. Still i never said they couldnt be played, the other three players just had to increase their actions because the stagger player wasnt able to kill stuff fast enough.

Of course people will still play these builds in Darktide, most people will also be bad at the game. That is expected.

We need more information on scorecards not less.

This guy trying to bully people won’t change peoples minds.


Lol, looks like stating facts is now considered bullying. Not suprising that this comes from someone who needs a scoreboard though.