About Safety and Fireworks

Okay Fatshark, I will now expect a new event map where we wake up in the keep with a brutal hangover and have to fight off waves of incoming enemies. Because a magical firework is a surefire way to tell all your enemies where your hideout is!

Then again, the keep seems to be poorly secured anyway if some random Bretonnian Messenger can easily find us in the middle of nowhere.


INB4 it´s revealed that the messenger was a Pegasus Knight and he got up there by flying.


Not the most glorious job being a “Sir” courier but those letters wont deliver themselves.


INB4 Olesya’s shadow magic allowed for a safe party.


I´d say both.^^

Plus those weird charms keri is hiding all over the keep in Lohners journal stories.

Oh, yea. Must have been a great discussion as they set up their base:

Lohner: Hey Olesya, can you increase the radius of the illusionary sphere by about a mile?
Olesya: What for?
Lohner: Fireworks. Somewhere down the line.
Olesya: … okay
Lohner: Also make the Keep visible for flying horses.
Olesya: …


Leading to the Knight riding that flying horse having a heart attack when from his perspective the horse suddenly flew straight into a mountain wall or attempted to land mid-air.

Delivering stuff to mages is stressful business.


Which would explain how Kruber got his horse

Though who know where it is now but we ate chicken for a long time after it’s disappearance


Bardin might have gotten a hold of it…

Or maybe Kerillian took it in. She does miss her horse a lot in “a Quiet Drink” if I am not mistaken…

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Now think about it… Imagine Kerillian with a horse as her new career! Would definitely make it unique. And she can outrun her teammates even better.

I would write a formal complaint why Outcast Engineer didn’t get a Gyrocopter though.

[offtopic] In the good memory of the Warhammer Online, the dwarf’s mount was a beer-powered gyropack.

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What sort of dwarf would waste beer as fuel!? For a machine i mean*

Outcast Engineer, really. Graham McNeill’s “Prelude to War” comic book was included with the collectоr’s edition of the game. It was shown how a dwarf engineer put together the blueprints and created a prototype gyrocopter using Bugman’s Troll Brew as fuel and as a weapon. One giant was even burned.

Here proof:

It’s nothing, really. Their distant descendants will mine gold from the air and use it as fuel for flying ships and as weapon too.



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