[half-serious] Keep rats in the keep after event?

Might be just me, but during this event I’ve found plenty of fun in roaming/sneaking around the keep and hunting ratties with a Throwing Axe. Felt like a damn hunter stalking them around and hitting from afar - NOONE EXPECTS A SPA…SMODIC DWARF WITH AN AXE. Thanks to them counting as enemies I’ve probably amassed around 1/10 of the kills for the illusion challenge.

They do not stand out as an event decor, feel natural there and add a bit more life to the keep. Now I wonder a bit about myself - am I just a filthy heretic or desperate for “filling” up the emptiness of the keep in any way.

Aaaaand they are a good targets for a little practice…? Anyone…?


Keep needs more “life”, true. But rats make it too dirty… Maybe could they add pigs?

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It’s not like there’s a maid or anyone to keep it tidy around, so few rats here and there shouldn’t be a problem. Especially that there’s a mill and plenty of grain.

Wouldn’t mind a pig or two, but the point is - they won’t run away when they see they kin getting axe to the head. It’s oddly satisfying to see ratties running for their lives… don’t burn me yet!

I think Victor would kill every rat on sight.
You could make the keep more alive like let the other heroes just be NPCs in the keep.
And for example Kerillian sharpening her axe. Bardin polishing his armor. Or they just hang somewhere around.
Some generic voice lines would be neat.

Hell you could even let them sleep or eat in their rooms.

Making the keep more alive can be done easily but probably gets time consuming very fast they more fancy it should get.

Removing Olesya or Lohners voice lines for their new function is a big loss in my opinion.


Aye, and they should be interractable too.
You should be able to “Press E to talk” with them, even if it’s just a handful of different lines. They should all also do different things at random, things that fit with their personalities. Kerilian could at one point sharpen her weapons, the next time you’re in the keep she’s fixing her bow, looking out into the distance or even practicing on a dummy.
Meanwhile, Saltzpyre should be studying the skaven corpse downstairs or making prayers, while Bardin is drinking ale and Kruber is shining his boots.


My fps drops from 100 to 75 in keep when i stand where rats are. Sure i don’t mind keeping them, but i think they could be optimized a bit more.


That drop is indeed noticeable and quite mind-boggling too.

I mean they could remain into the sewers/lowest floors… But into the entire keep, I don’t agree. Keep should let us to feel “safe”. With all those rats it seems to stay between Skaven and plague.