Abhor the Mutant Not working (solved evicirator simply doesnt count)

Killing the mutant while its dashing and it still doesnt count

1-activate the evascirator special
2-charge the mutant while teammate gets it low
3-kill the mutant

Power matrix HL-17-36



20.25- Central European Time

i did kill the mutant this way 3-4 times already

video of the achivment not coming in
(Abhor the mutant not working - Clipped with Medal.tv)

I´m pretty sure the issue lies in your “I charge the Evis-special to do the job.”

There are 2 ways that can fail there.

a) You stuck in the mutant, so the game says “you don´t charge anymore”.
b) The special from Evis does multiple hits, but the game wants the mutant to be dead on the first hit after charging.

So… just pick an axe, charge in with a heavy and call it a day i guess. (Or just don´t use your special on the Evis.)

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ill try again with a thunder hammer perhaps then it will work thanks for advice


You have to kill it while dashing.
Not right after dashing.

So like Darth said, you have to insta bonk the mutant.

Go to the meatgrinder and you will see that you can start your attack animation while dashing, and finish the attack before the dash ends.
It needs the right timing but is definitely doable.

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