Abhor the mutant Zealot Achievement refuses to register for me

Abhor the mutant does not register for me? I kill the mutant while I dash (before it ends) with a heavy special attack from the hammer while he charges at me. The achievement for the Zealot does not work for some reason (well for me), any idea why? I’ve tried this for hours now.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play any map on Zealot
  2. Mutant charges at me or teammate
  3. I use my ability to dash towards it
  4. I hit it with a special heavy strike before the dash ability ends + killing it
  5. Did not get achievement

I’ve done this for hours now and it just hates me.
Am I doing something wrong?


Player ID:
Steam: 76561198027456381

Reproduction Rate:
All the time

This one took me multiple tries.

Basically, you need to be just about at the peak of your heavy attack before you activate the ability. I was using a dagger and the mutant was not charging when I finally got it.

Keep at it, you’ll get it eventually!

What does count as mutant?? Like any single foe in the game or does it have to be some specific mob?

I have been trying for this achievment but it doesnt proc at all.

It’s the charging mutant that screams all the time

wait so the mutant is supposed to be charging? but the text is saying player is supposed to be charging :smiley: