Abduction and Red skin challenge bug

Issue Summary:
When playing Skittergate deed with abduction modifier, died to rasknitt, did not get okri challenge progress for killing lord.

EDIT: The team did complete the level

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play lord map with abduction deed modifier
  2. die in boss pit / anywhere on the map

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information:

Died after deathgunner died, when rasknitt was on <10% health

Well you died… you only get the achievement if you beat the level.

In general, if the rest of the team still completes the map, it’s considered completed for everyone, not just the ones alive at the end. OP’s post mentioned nothing about whether they completed the map.

If the map was completed afterwards, this does indeed invite investigation. If not, it’s completely consistent with other things.

Ah yes I was assuming everyone had died there.

Sorry I forgot to mention, we did complete the level

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Sorry I forgot to mention, we did complete the level

I did see a report on Reddit that you only receive Okri’s Challenge progress if you are alive when the map ends. Since the Abduction mutator prevents you from being revived, you don’t get credit.

This also means you should opt to wait and revive heroes at the ends of maps (when not playing Abduction deeds) and also shouldn’t down them for giggles right at the Bridge of Shadows.

(On a side note, I severely dislike the Abduction mutator as when someone dies it’s either “restart the map” or “go afk for possibly 30+ minutes while the team finishes without you” and is completely anti-fun either way.)


Oh Ok, interesting. But you still get loot even if you get abducted, and I feel that I have got challenge progress before (but I have no proof, but you still get the “Completed a deed” banner at the end screen), so it seems strange that you would still get acknowledged for finishing the map, but not finishing it, if that makes sense?

Oh yeah that makes total sense and it’s (almost) certainly a bug.

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